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Black WhatsApp
App Name Black WhatsApp
App Version V35.00
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category Black WhatsApp
File size 63MB
4.1 Rating (3260)

Black WhatsApp latest version. Black WhatsApp😍 is one of the well-known apps that millions of users around the world know about.

Black WhatsApp is similar to the regular WhatsApp application, but this application has many characteristics that distinguish it from other applications. so what; Millions of people from all over the world are searching for it because it is an amazing and attractive app.

Black WhatsApp Download There are many features in it. Beside; Extras not found in the regular WhatsApp app.

What is the download of Black WhatsApp

I will explain to you what the Black WhatsApp application is, so follow us to know more about the Black WhatsApp application:

🔰 Black WhatsApp🤗 is similar to the regular WhatsApp Messenger; But in Black WhatsApp, there are many attractive, cool and exciting features and characteristics in this application. so what; Millions of users from all over the world are searching. Black WhatsApp Download This app has become popular on social media

🔰 The number of downloads of the Black WhatsApp application has increased recently because this application has many wonderful and attractive features.

🔰Within Black WhatsApp, you can chat with friends. for this reason; You can also send voice messages or text messages, and you can also make voice and video calls in the Black WhatsApp application.

🔰 In this Black WhatsApp download, there are many features and privacy that you can change as you like in Black WhatsApp download.

🔰 You can also send as many photos as possible, unlike the regular WhatsApp, which only allows you to send only 42 photos.

🔰 In Black WhatsApp you can send files as well as send documents. And it allows you to send whatever you want to send to your friend in the Black WhatsApp update.

🔰 In Black WhatsApp you can send stickers and emojis to your friends while chatting with them, you can also save the sticker that your friend sent you.

🔰Within Black WhatsApp, you can post your status, and that status will only stay for 42 hours. Then it disappears, and this case is a written message, or a video clip, or a picture.

🔰You can chat with your friends anytime you want, and you can communicate with them through text messages, voice calls, or phone calls. Black WhatsApp Download.

🔰 Black WhatsApp is a competitor to many other existing apps similar to this one, including modified WhatsApp; The Black WhatsApp application is also one of the strongest competitors to the regular WhatsApp application.

🔰 Inside the Black WhatsApp app; Many additions where you can hide the last seen in the Black WhatsApp apk download.

🔰You can also hide blue ticks; Which indicates that you have read the message your friend sent you

🔰 There are also many features in this app where you can send a large number of messages at once. for this reason; Download apk Black WhatsApp .

🔰 Also, decorate texts and letters, change font color and font shape.
Finally, it allows you to download new and premium Black WhatsApp themes.

Who is the developer of Black WhatsApp download

Black WhatsApp Download apk🤩; There are many questions about who created the Black WhatsApp application, and I will explain to you what is the answer to all these questions through our website that created the Black WhatsApp application. He is a professional developer and programmer.

    Features of Black WhatsApp apk

    Black WhatsApp😊 has many advantages and features that distinguish it from many other popular applications. And the famous, and I will explain to you through this article what are the characteristics that distinguish the Black WhatsApp application, and the meaning of this article because it is a very wonderful application, and I will explain to you everything about Black WhatsApp.

    💠 There are continuous updates for the Black WhatsApp application, and the Black WhatsApp application continues to be updated for 4 months.

    💠In WhatsApp, you can hide your last seen in this WhatsApp; You can also hide the blue ticks that you've seen the message your friend sent you.

    💠 With Black WhatsApp you can hide that you have seen the status posted by your friend.

    💠You can post your status whether it is a written message, a video or a photo. Black WhatsApp apk; And your friends can comment on this status; You can also make an exception for some friends that you don't want to see this status you posted.

    💠 Black WhatsApp download is easy to use and no difficulty in using it.

    💠 The feature of protecting against blocking WhatsApp applications, and you can block everyone who annoys me; Download BlackWhatsApp.

    💠In the Black WhatsApp application, you can send a message to more than one person at the same time; You can also send a large number of messages at the same time.

    💠Within the Black WhatsApp app you can choose the wallpaper that suits you best.

    💠Within the Black WhatsApp app, there are several features; Where you can choose the shape of the WhatsApp application icon that you want.

    💠You can also choose more than one background to Black WhatsApp Download.
    There is also a feature to turn off notifications.

    💠 You can create many cool features in Black WhatsApp download; Through the privacy of this application. This Privacy has many great features that make your WhatsApp very cool and attractive.

      Black WhatsApp update

      I will explain to you what is the Black WhatsApp🥰 update. They will receive an update to the Black WhatsApp application, which has many advanced settings, including:

      🔰 Inside the Black WhatsApp application, there are new and varied interfaces

      🔰You can use it by updating Black WhatsApp.

      🔰 Within the Black WhatsApp application, you can chat with friends and send them photos and videos. And the possibility of group messages to groups of people with ease.

      🔰Many options have been added in the floating button in Black WhatsApp.

      🔰 In the Black WhatsApp application, you can hide messages that have been added to the archive.

      🔰 In Black WhatsApp you can send messages to more than 1000 people at the same time.

      🔰 A group chat feature can also be added through a video call or a video call; Download the Black WhatsApp application.

        Black WhatsApp Download

        In the update of the Black WhatsApp🤩 application, there are many features and many interesting additions, the most important of which are:

        🔆In the Black WhatsApp application, you can change the color of the logo for those who viewed the user's status.

        🔆You can also close the conversation that you don't want anyone to see, and you can also close the whole application; So that no one else can open it, be it a fingerprint or a password.

        🔆 In the update of the Black WhatsApp application, you can also hide your last appearance in the WhatsApp application; This is the option where no one will know if you have opened the app or not.

        🔆By pressing the button Prevent deletion of the message, if your friend deletes a message that a friend sent to you, this message will not be deleted for you

        🔆 Black WhatsApp Download APK; This new update allows you to download statuses posted by your friends. You can also comment on these cases.

          Download Black WhatsApp

          There are many advantages and updates related to the update of the Black WhatsApp application, which we have mentioned below:

          🔰 In the Black WhatsApp😍 application, you can activate the dark mode and the transparent mode. for this reason; Text decoration feature, change the font shape, font color, font size, and you can also do many advantages in downloading Black WhatsApp apk to do whatever you want.

          🔰 In the Black WhatsApp application, you can enable the auto-reply feature.

          🔰 You can schedule messages.

          🔰 In Black WhatsApp, he was able to send maximum number of messages at the same time

          🔰 You can also post your own status on this app. And find feature in Black WhatsApp update to download status posted by your friend.

          🔰 Hide the sign of receiving and reading messages indicating that you accept the message that your friend sent you.

          🔰You can choose the color you want in Black WhatsApp apk download

          🔰 Where you can turn off notifications in the Black WhatsApp update.

          Black WhatsApp update

          There are many updates to Black WhatsApp Download
          It is a very cool app that competes with many apps
          One of the most important features that distinguishes this application is that the duration of using the Black WhatsApp version has reached four months.

            Black WhatsApp Download

            .Download Black WhatsApp latest version.

            Among the most important of these features:

            💠 There are many languages in the Black WhatsApp🤩 application, where you can choose the appropriate language, to be Arabic or English. French or Italian Black WhatsApp Download apk. There are also many languages.

            💠This version has the ability to send messages to any unlimited number of contacts.

            💠In Black WhatsApp, you can pin more than 1000 conversations, unlike the regular WhatsApp; Who is not allowed to install this number of conversations.

            💠Updating the Black WhatsApp application solves problems installing themes.

              Black WhatsApp Download

              This update is very cool and unique.
              🔰 Add night mode in Black WhatsApp, to activate it, tap on the crescent moon icon

              🔰 You can turn off the Internet on the Black WhatsApp application only, without the rest of the applications.

              🔰 Exclusive, group chats / private chats separated.

              🔰 Added dragging down the conversation row for faster access to additional options on the home screen. and the top bar.

              🔰 Add a bottom bar for conversations at the bottom of the home screen, the home screen, and in the top bar.

              🔰 Download Black WhatsApp. Play new animated stickers (stickers).

              🔰 Change and download the emoji type of the pattern to reduce the copy size; Black WhatsApp Download apk.

              🔰 Add options for notifications such as who is online now and who has changed their profile picture.

              🔰 Added an option to show all deleted messages

              🔰 Black WhatsApp Download apk;😍 Add an option to use phone emoji easily.

              🔰Improve the arrangement of all options and add-ons; Great fit for the user.

              🔰 Improve copy size to 60MB.

              🔰 Improve @Mention option to see who mentioned you in groups.

              🔰 Improve app performance and get better speed.

              🔰 Black WhatsApp update; Improved floating button icon in conversation.

                Black WhatsApp Download

                It features a set of extras and advantages that we mentioned below:

                🔆The Black WhatsApp😎 release period is up to four months and this wonderful distinction is found in the Black WhatsApp download app.

                🔆This app is very cool and has many updates on Black WhatsApp. Download the apk and it is continuous and does not stop through our website.

                🔆Like the new update of Black WhatsApp; It has improved the release, added the ability to make group calls, and added a multi-chat feature.

                🔆 Download Black WhatsApp, the latest version, to prevent the message from being deleted, whether you sent it or your friend sent it.

                🔆Black WhatsApp apk, where you can prevent the status posted by your friend from being deleted; This is a very cool thing that millions of users are looking for, so you will find it in the Black WhatsApp download. Because it is a very cool app and it provides many features.

                🔆Comment on the status your friend posted. Several modifications have been added to the floating button

                🔆There are also many features in this update that you will discover when you Black WhatsApp Download. I will leave you the download link at the bottom of the article.

                  Black WhatsApp Download

                  💠Black WhatsApp Download apk .; Added automatic moving of the name in the top bar if it is too long.

                  💠 Black WhatsApp Download apk; Add color options to the form of WhatsApp cases.

                  💠 Adding a new form to the floating button with the ability to hide and show the button from Extras and Properties > Conversation screen.

                  💠 Black WhatsApp Download apk; It has been improved by increasing the number of status characters to more than 700 characters.

                  💠Black WhatsApp update; Fix crescent button and day/night mode on groups page.

                  💠 Solve bottom navigation bar problems, Black WhatsApp Download

                    Black WhatsApp update

                    The Black WhatsApp 😍version has the following features.

                    🔆Within the Black WhatsApp application, you can restore the animated effects feature as it is present in this application

                    🔆 Add the stickers feature from the famous and well-known Google Play Store.

                    🔆It is also possible to add separator lines between conversations.

                    🔆New icons have been added in the Black WhatsApp download.

                    🔆Add the ability to install more than one conversation

                    🔆Also, the feature of verification before contacting a group member.

                    🔆In addition, there are many languages in the Black WhatsApp application, from which you choose the language that suits you best, as it allows you to choose Arabic, English, French, German and other languages

                    WhatsApp Black update

                    Black WhatsApp apk😎; Many features have been added to this version

                    💠 The ability to distinguish who mentioned you from friends in groups.

                    💠 If a friend of yours deletes a message he sent you, it will not be deleted by you due to privacy to prevent messages from being deleted; And you can activate it easily by clicking on Do not delete the message in the Black WhatsApp application.

                    💠The word forward message does not appear if you send a message sent to you to another friend.

                    💠 Download Black WhatsApp. It is very cool and has many cool and interesting features that you will love.

                      How to Black WhatsApp Download

                      To download the Black WhatsApp😎 app, just follow the below steps to download the app on your device.

                      🔰 you go to the store or google searches; And write the name of the application, which is the Black WhatsApp application

                      🔰 Then wait for a while, then choose the link you want to Black WhatsApp Download; from him

                      🔰Click on the word INSTALL; Wait for the app to install on your device and then download it

                      🔰Click on the word INSTALL; You will find the Black WhatsApp download installed on your device with ease.

                      💥 Or easily through the direct link below the article

                      How to update Black WhatsApp latest version Black WhatsApp Download apk

                      To update Black WhatsApp to the latest version, just follow the steps
                      Explanation of the Black WhatsApp apk update. And if you do not want to take these steps, you will leave the update link at the bottom of the article

                      Among the most important of these steps:

                      💢 Download the latest version of Black WhatsApp

                      💢 After downloading, you must go to the settings of the Black WhatsApp version; This is done by opening the application and then pressing the three dots at the top of the Black WhatsApp apk download face after clicking on it

                      💢Choose settings from the options.

                      💢 The chat icon is pressed

                      💢 Next, click on the “Backup” option, and then wait for a while until the backup process is completed.

                      💢 Then go to the updated version, click on it and choose install; Black WhatsApp update

                        Steps to sign up for Black WhatsApp apk

                        Download the Black WhatsApp apk😎 to register for the Black WhatsApp application

                        You just need to follow the steps that I am going to show you; These steps are very easy and you can do them very easily:

                        * When you download the Black WhatsApp apk, through the left link below the article, you only need to do the following steps:

                        * The application will open on your device, and the user will see the face of the Black WhatsApp download; On the face of the application, there are a set of fields that require the user to enter a set of information; User data, including phone number

                        * Then agree to the following, then enter your phone number, then press the following icon, Black WhatsApp. The code sent to you is entered into the phone number you entered

                        *Next, click on the Submit option, then enter the username, and you will be able to add a photo to your profile; Black WhatsApp. Latest version.

                        🤩Finally, the following icon is pressed, thus the registration process for Black WhatsApp has been completed successfully.

                        * We have come to the end of this article, I hope you like it and it is useful to you, and I wish you to download Black WhatsApp; Because it is a very cool and unique application. Many users followed us through this article about continuous updates to Black WhatsApp Download apk.

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